4Pass is a brand name of Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) technology uses a heat transfer process to distribute the yellow, magenta and cyan color dyes onto photo paper in a continuos tone.


4Pass is the only and best photo printing technology that can reproduce the most similar color as your original photo resource. It is because of using real ink pritning system onto the high quality photo paper. 

The printing result is high-quality photographic output with 256 levels per color (total 16.7 million colors).

By having overcoating layer at the end of the printing process, 4Pass enables forever-lasting photo quality of the prints. 


"The Most Advanced way of Photo Printing"

"4Pass is using Real Ink and Photo Paper, and it reproduces the most similar color as original.

It's awesomely good!"

4Pass is using real film type ink to print on a high quality photo paper. Each color patches are directly contacting to the paper to reproduce the most similar color as original.

4Pass is also using Overcoating layer at the end of the printing process. This overcoating layer protects the printed colors from humidity. You can keep the photo quality as just printed ones forever-lasting! 










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